Choosing the Best Stroller

Author: Alyssa Mak

As a new parent, it is hard to know what stroller is best for your little one. In this blog we will highlight a few key points every new mum and dad should consider before purchasing a stroller.

1. How old is your baby?
A newborn will require a stroller that has a carry cot like the Xplory carry cot or Stokke Beat carry cot that allows them to lay flat. This is because, they won’t be able to sit up until they are approximately six months old. If your baby is a new born, make sure you choose a stroller that can swap out for a carry cot for the early months.

xplory carry cot

2. Where will you store it?
Dependent on the space you have at home and car for storage, it may be important to consider whether you would like a more functional pram or a compact stroller.

If you are after a compact stroller and simplicity is your priority, then a stroller like the Stokke Beat would be the most convenient to travel with and store in smaller cars – and perfect for city strolls. The Stokke Beat is most loved by dads.

If you have the storage space, and a comfortable, luxurious, high functioning pram that has height adjustability is your priority, then a pram like the Stokke Xplory would be your pick. Stokke Xplory is the highest height adjustable pram on the market and an iconic piece loved by many fashionable mums.

3. Where will you be using the stroller?

It’s important to also consider what places you tend to go to, as different strollers are more suitable for different occasions. If shopping centres, cafes and school pickups are your day-to-day activities, then a stroller like the Stokke Xplory would be great for that. The chassis is sleek and refined and the wheels are anti puncture tires in gloss black. The height adjustability allows you to push the pram right up to a cafe table without a high chair. The fold is also easy enough for days when you are in a hurry on the school run or in the shopping centre

If you love strolling the city streets, the Stokke Beat is the perfect pick for city adventures with your baby. This lightweight stroller offers a smooth ride and superb manoeuvrability. Its small footprint makes it the ideal solution for travel, navigating busy streets and public transport. With one handed folding and multiple parent and forward-facing stroller seat positions, you have yourself a functional yet simple, light and compact stroller.

best stroller