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  • Two Types of Eye Contact that are Important for Children's Development

    There are different types of eye contact and they all contribute to the way children develop. Today I will be sharing about two types of eye contact or otherwise known as eye gaze.Dyadic eye gaze is when one individual looks at the other person and triadic eye gaze is when both of you are looking at a shared object or third party. Both of...
  • Eye Contact & its Effect on Developmental Communication

    Eye Contact is one of the most rudimentary modes of communication. It serves as an important social function for young children even before vocal responding begins to develop.
  • Baby Massage Tips & Benefits

    Baby massage isnā€™t new, the practice has been around for centuries with people from ancient Asian cultures witnessing the benefits massage could provide for thousands of years. What is more recent however is the research available that can now back the benefits of giving your baby a little rub down each day. Various studies have found a range of benefits for babies and their...
  • How to Help Your Baby Sleep Better

    As humans, we tend to be creatures of habit. We like to sleep on the same side of the bed and have our coffee the same way each morning . Sometimes, we may make a conscious effort to shake our routine to avoid falling into a rut! Our routines are quite deeply ingrained - so much so that when thereā€™s a big shift to...
  • Open-hearted, bare-breasted.. and hunch-backed?

    Just when I thought working in an office was going to be the end of my back, cue babies. Motherhood is a practice of living from the centre of oneā€™s heart, right? Yet so much of modern-day motherhood involves a curling of the shoulders and neck (carrying our baby, feeding, changing, holding a phone to film the deliciousness of their cheeks or SOSā€™ing our...
  • Best Baby Names for 2021

    Choosing a name for your little one can be an exciting time to start dreaming ahead for your new family member. Names are significant because they often tell a story of what you desire for your little one and your family, and in the end, it sticks with your bubba for life!After a tough 2020 for many, what better name than to welcome your...
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