Have I Been Too Hard On Myself as a Parent?

As a parent, life is a constant balancing act of priorities.
Sometimes it can feel like you have lost yourself in parenthood.
Am I a good mum?
Have I obsessed over certain things too much?
When do I put myself first and when do I put my family first?
Is it wrong to prioritise myself?
If self-care is priority, when do I care for my child?
Is there really a way to find a balance?
How can I let go a little and allow myself to enjoy the parenthood experience & journey with my child?

Are you constantly asking yourself these questions as a parent?

You’re not alone.

As we enter the new year, we want to offer you 5 tips to set yourself up for success in 2023.

TIP #1
Choose ONE word that will remind you that you are a GREAT PARENT. Take time to reflect and meditate today to find that word. Use it as a constant reminder throughout the year as an anchor for yourself.

TIP #2
Choose ONE word that will remind you to CARE for YOUR wellbeing. Remember that caring for yourself means you are giving others the best of you instead of what’s left of you.

TIP #3
Choose 1 thing you love doing and put it in the calendar to do it at least once a month. This doesn’t have to be something that is extravagant or hard to fit into your schedule. It can be something you really enjoy but haven’t made time to do in the past but now you’re actively scheduling it in monthly. eg, painting, getting a massage, getting a manicure, going for a bush or coastal walk.

TIP #4
Start an activity or hobby for increased bonding time with your little one that promotes eye contact. Eye contact promotes closeness and connection. This doesn’t have to be eye contact between you and your child, it can also be both of you looking at a shared view/object as well. This bonding time could be during bath time, story time or going out for a stroll. This will lead to a release of oxytocin for both you and your baby, boosting everyone's mood! 

TIP #5
Daily reminders and accountability. We all need that daily reminder to affirm that we are doing well as a parent. We have created some printable affirmations for you below. Print these out and put it up on your bathroom mirror or keep it in your wallet. Send them to your Mumma friends as well and be each other’s cheer leader. We’re not meant to do this alone, gather your tribe of Mumma friends to cheer each other on.