Tripp Trapp® Chair | Your gift of Choice

As a single guy with no kids, buying gifts for expecting family and friends was always challenging. Being Asian, I would default to the “Red Pocket” money gift – that is, until I came across a chair with a funny name a few years back. This is when I discovered Tripp Trapp from a friend whom I asked what baby gift she would like. Since then Tripp Trapp has been my gift of choice and like my choice of cars, Porsche,  I believe there is no substitute. 

But before I made my first purchase, I did some research into the chair – I needed to ensure what I give my friends’ little ones is of good quality. What I discovered was astonishing. The design is more than 50 years old and originated in Norway no less! Peter Opsvik was the designer’s name, he is the one who also designed one of the original kneeling chairs.  His goal was to create a chair that would grow with the child and be suitable even in adulthood. How is this even possible!  

But the design is so simple it’s obvious why it is a huge success and when I found out that more than 13 million had been sold worldwide including for celebrities such as Jenifer Hawkins, Cristiano Ronaldo, and Jamie Oliver, I knew this amazing chair with a funny name was something extra special. So much so that I recently bought one for myself – yes I still use my sofa for pizza and TV but my home office is now the proud owner of its very own Tripp Trapp chair. The personalised engraving is such a beautiful touch and the choice of colours means I can easily give the perfect gift for any situation. I also love that it is made from European hardwood so will stand the test of time and being able to “grow with the child” makes it a sustainable option for life long memories.