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Arrived damaged and company wouldn’t assist

The company told me that the large scratch on the product was “normal” and they all look like this - absolute joke! I can guarantee they do not.

Hi M.T,

We appreciate your feedback and are sorry to learn that you are not entirely satisfied with the appearance of the finishing on the plastic component of the YOYO board.

In response to your concern, we reached out to our headquarters for clarification.

After consulting with our headquarters, we were informed that the presence of marks in a specific area on the YOYO boards is a result of the manufacturing process, particularly at the point of injection gate. It's important to note that these marks may vary slightly from board to board, as the final touch-ups are meticulously done by hand to ensure the best possible quality.

If your current YOYO board remains in its original condition, we would be more than happy to facilitate an exchange for you, providing a YOYO board with a more refined touch-up. If this option interests you, please don't hesitate to contact us at

We value your input and aim to ensure your utmost satisfaction with our products.

Kind regards,
STOKKE Australia




An additional seat on the ride for your child

BABYZEN invented YOYO board to adapt exclusively to the YOYO² stroller.

YOYO board is installed with one click and with one hand. No more wearing yourself out when you cross the road on the way back from the shops. The child is seated in complete safety, with the choice of standing or sitting on an easily removable saddle.

When not in use, YOYO board can be stored in two different positions, for minimum bulk. Time to get back to those parks and museums!
YOYO board is compatible with all generations of YOYO in the 6+ configuration (seat pack).


  • YOYO board is installed on the YOYO² stroller with one click and with one hand​
  • Choice of standing or sitting on an easily removable saddle.​
  • YOYO board can be stored in two different positions​
  • Can accommodate a child up to 20 kg (44.1 lbs)​

Product Size (cm/in):42 x 40.5 x 28 / 16.5 x 15.9 x 11Weight (kg/lbs):1.58 / 3.5Suitable for age:from 24 ~ to 48 (months)Suitable for Weight (kg/lbs):up to 20 / 44.1

  • BABYZEN™ YOYO ² stroller 6+
  • BABYZEN™ YOYO² stroller bassinet
  • BABYZEN™ YOYO² stroller 0+ newborn pack
  • BABYZEN™ YOYO² frame
  • BABYZEN™ YOYO+ frame
What's included
  • 1 board

  • 1 saddle

  • 1 fixation strap

  • 2 wheels

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