Best Baby Names for 2021

Choosing a name for your little one can be an exciting time to start dreaming ahead for your new family member. Names are significant because they often tell a story of what you desire for your little one and your family, and in the end, it sticks with your bubba for life!

After a tough 2020 for many, what better name than to welcome your little one this new year with a name that brings about HOPE and GROWTH.


1. Hope - Hope is to be expectant and to desire for something. A great baby name to set the tone for a year of expectation for a better tomorrow and further growth.

2. Faith - Faith is to have strong confidence and belief in what you may not see. We may not be able to foresee what the new year will bring, but to have strong faith and to come with an expectant heart in what's to come is such a powerful way to welcome your little one.

3. Zaida / Zaydan / Ziyda - An Arabic name meaning 'growth & progression'.

4. Aurora - This beautiful name means 'a new day' - dawn. It represents newness and a new start. Whether it's a new season of life that your little one is bringing into your life or the newness this year brings.

5. Kiara - Kiara means 'first ray of sun'. That first streak of light to enter the day. Representing a new day, a new start, new growth.

6. Nadia - This beautiful name has French origins which means 'hope'. Be full of expectation of a beautiful year of hope and growth for your family and your little one.

7. Beatrice - Meaning 'She who brings happiness'. What a blessing your daughter will be to the family. She will be a gift that keeps on giving.

8. Briony - Meaning 'to grow' / 'to sprout'. No better name than to welcome the year of 2021 with growth!

9. Chloe - Meaning green 'sprout', a name of 'growth & discovery', originated from Greek.

10. Maia - A Latin name derived from the month of May. In Roman mythology it is the goddess of growth. 



1. Jesse - With Hebrew origins that mean 'A gift of hope'. The perfect name as you enter 2021 with your new baby boy.

2. Zayd - Meaning growth, abundance and progress. 

3. Neo - Can mean 'new' or 'gift'. A name that conveys a new start, newness and a gift. A great name to remind you that your son is marking a new start and a gift to the family.

4. Theo - This name is of Greek origin meaning 'Gift of God'. A reminder that your son is a gift and a blessing to the family and those around them. 

5. Jeremy - Meaning 'God will uplift'. An uplifting name that is sure to mark a great year of hope and growth for 2021!

6. AlexisIt is of Greek origin meaning 'defender'. This name is often used by both baby girls and boys. A timely name for this year, welcoming your new born as the defender.

7. Xavier - The name Xavier means 'new house' or 'bright'. A great name to welcome your little one.

8. Dillon – of Irish origin meaning ‘ray of hope’.

9. Albert – A German name meaning ‘noble and bright’.

10. Asher - A unique pick which meaning 'a gift of hope'. Let your little baby boy know that he is a gift of hope and a great gift to the family.


These are the best baby names we have chosen for the year of 2021. Hope you find a name that resonates with you and your family. Welcome your new born into this year with hope and growth! For personalised engravings on your Tripp Trapp®, click here.