Mindful Parenting

As parents, life is constantly a balancing act of prioritising your to-do list, the needs of your little ones and squeezing in any rest time if that even exists. The problem is, when parents are constantly rushing through tasks at hand, not only is it easy to miss out on the important moments, but you only have so much left to pour out into your family.

Mindfulness can be described as the practice of paying attention to the present moment. It’s easy for parents to be so busy in the ‘doing’ and ‘what’s next’ that you miss out on the precious moments you are living through. In a blink of a moment, your little ones are all grown up and you realise that you were never emotionally present enough for them.

Mindful parenting starts with being present and self-aware of your here and now, then learning to be present with your kids without distractions. To be fully present allows you to experience the joy of parenting in the fullest form.

Often, we pick the good things in life and miss out on the great things. Doing things for your family may be good but nothing is better for them than having a healthy parent that gives them undivided attention. The dishes can wait, the messy room can wait, but your well-being and child’s time cannot wait.

You can begin this process by practising mindfulness yourself and learn how to integrate it into your time spent with your family. Start by practicing 10 minutes of mindfulness a day with our FREE Tripp Trapp yoga e-book.

Author: Alyssa Mak
Yoga Instructor and Co-founder at Grace x Strength