Nursery & Kids' Room Ideas

Setting up a nursery can be fun and stressful at the same time. With so many choices and ideas, it may be hard to pick the right set up for you and your little one.

A few things to consider when setting up your nursery:
- Colour choice
- Set up & Safety
- Convenience

Colour Psychology:
Colours can affect mood. While scientists have learned a lot about the way colour influences our ability to be inspired, healed, excited and even agitated, every child can be different. Choosing colours for your nursery will largely impact you and your little one’s mood.

(The following information is from Suzy Chiazzari, colour psychology and colour therapy consultant)

Red is a very energising colour that has the ability to excite the mind, however too much exposure to red also could encourage aggressive behaviour and decrease focus. Red can be great as an accent but may not be best for a wall colour as it may cause your little one to feel restless.

Orange is a warm and friendly colour that is great for children as it encourages confidence, extroversion and independence. This colour can help inspire communication and cooperation.

Yellow is often associated with happiness. Studies also show that this bright and cheerful colour can help with concentration. But using too much bright yellow can also cause agitation and eye fatigue.

Green tends to be a calming and relaxing colour. Some studies also show that it may improve a child’s reading speed and comprehension. It is known as a healing colour.

Blue has an opposite effect to red. It is a colour that has a calming effect and decreases feelings of anxiety or aggression.

Purple is a colour of passion and creativity. It is often a colour associated to royalty – a colour that represents ambition and self-assurance. Purple can be a colour that inspires compassion and sensitivity and best to be limited to accents.

can have a calming feeling for children. Having said that, it is best as an accessory, artwork or a piece of furniture, and paired with neutral colours.

Check out the following colour combination suggestions and ideas from Miniinterni:


Set up & safety tips:
It’s a great idea to separate play area with the sleeping area. Not only for safety reasons but also to ensure that the place for relaxation is away from distraction.

It is also recommended not to have toys and clutter in the crib as this can suffocate your little ones when they're still young.

If your little one is still quite young, you would want their room to be close to yours so it is easier to attend to their needs. The Sleepi™ mini is a compact bed with lockable swivel wheels which allow movement from room to room - making it convenient to change the room configuration and also giving you the option to move the cot to your bedroom.

There is also a h
eight adjustable mattress base which makes lifting your baby in and out of the cot easier, especially in the earlier months.

Once your little one grows older, the Sleepi™ range also allows you to expand the bed in a simple way with the extension kits whilst keeping a familiar oval shape for your little one to sleep in.

Hopefully this blog helps you get a better understanding of what you might want to consider as you plan your nursery!