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Shawn Morris

Tripp Trapp® Baby Set

Ernest Yan

Tripp Trapp® Baby Set

Sarah Chisholm
Perfect for the table

I bought it because of all the amazing reviews, only thing stopping me from a 5 star review is the fact that you can’t take the harness off and on to clean between the legs without breaking the plastic.
A great seat. Perfect for everyone to enjoy a meal at the table together.

Jenny Kang

I found the stokke trip trapp overrated. The straps are still and hard (but sturdy), also doesn't support the child to the back of the chair (will keep falling forward if they don't have the head control yet). The tray is also grained, so suction bowls/toys cannot stick onto the tray.

Hi Jenny,

We appreciate your feedback and thank you for sharing your experience with the Stokke Tripp Trapp Baby Set.

The safety harness is meticulously designed to prioritise child's safety. While the straps may feel firm, this is to ensure sturdiness and protection. We do recommend adjusting the straps according to your child's size and needs. Ensuring a snug yet comfortable fit can greatly assist in preventing any unintended leaning.

Furthermore, it's important to mention that while the Tripp Trapp promotes independence by bringing children closer to the dining table, parental supervision is crucial at all times, especially for infants who are still developing head control.

Regarding the tray, we understand your concern about the grained surface affecting the ability of suction bowls or toys to adhere.
To ensure optimal performance, it is important to keep the back of the mat/bowls clean and free of dust. Regularly clean the back surface to maintain its grip.

For improved adherence, we also recommend moistening the back of the mat/bowl with warm water and ensuring that the tray surface is clean. This will create a seal and enhance it's ability to stick firmly.

We hope these suggestions prove helpful and enhance your experience with our product. If you have any further questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.

Kind regards,
STOKKE Australia team

Siu-Lun Gary Chan
Best High Chair

My son refuses to sit in any high chairs that we had bought him until we got him the Stokke Tripp Trapp. We had 5 different high chairs at one stage.

Tripp Trapp® Baby Set

Turns your Tripp Trapp® Chair into a comfy and safe high chair. At around six to nine months, your baby will be able to start sitting upright unaided.
  • Transforms Tripp Trapp® into a comfortable high chair
  • Suitable for baby from around six months
  • Easily attaches onto the chair – tool-free
  • Has ergonomic back support to ensure a proper fit
  • Has optional toddler Tray and Cushion accessories
  • Includes Tripp Trapp® Extended Gliders and integrated 5 point harness for extra stability and peace of mind.

  • Features
  • Enables the chair to be used when your child can sit up unaided
  • Includes Tripp Trapp Extended Gliders for extra stability
  • Provides perfect side and back support for your baby.
  • Integrated crotch strap

  • What's Included
  • Baby Set Backrest (1)
  • Baby Set Rail (2)
  • Extended Gliders (3)
  • Integrated 5 point harness (4)


    Specially designed for children 6 months to 3 years, the baby set securely and comfortably brings your child to the table. Fits AU/US version Tripp Trapp® chairs produced after June 2013.

    User Guide

    Download Tripp Trapp Baby Set User Guide.


    What does the Tripp Trapp®come with?

    The Tripp Trapp®comes with all hardware and wooden pieces to assemble the chair. You will need to purchase any extra accessories such as Baby set, Tray, Extended gliders and Harnesses separately to suit your family’s needs and lifestyle.

    Do the Extended Gliders come with the Tripp Trapp®chair?

    No, the Extended Gliders only come complimentarily with the Newborn Set and the Baby set.

    Can I use the Tray directly on the Tripp Trapp®chair?

    No, the Tray can only be used in conjunction with the Baby set. It cannot physically be attached directly to the Tripp Trapp®chair itself.

    Can I remove the harness from the Baby set?

    You will be able to remove the shoulder and side straps of the Harness from the Baby set as per the user guide. The only part that is fully integrated and not removable from the Baby set is the crotch strap.

    Can I use the Tripp Trapp®at a kitchen counter?

    The Stokke® Tripp Trapp® chair has been designed for use at tables with a standard height, i.e. between 72 and 76 cm. It is therefore not suitable for use at bar tables.

    I own several Stokke® Tripp Trapp® chairs which are nominally of the same colour but look different. Can this be?

    All Stokke® furniture is made from wood, which, as a natural product, may show a degree of natural variance. Also, we source our wood from several sustainable sources and we cannot therefore guarantee individual chairs will have come from the same stand of trees. Finally, the colour of the wood may change over time under the influence of UV light and oxygen.

    Where do I find the serial number of my Tripp Trapp®?

    The serial number of the Tripp Trapp® can be found underneath the right side of the chair.

    How do I have to assemble my Stokke® Tripp Trapp® harness?

    Please see this film showing how to assemble the Stokke Harness. Click here.

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